Our Cookware And Our Health – Is There A Connection?

This an important question and we should all be aware of it looking at so many health problems people are struggling with today. No medicine can help if the root cause is not identified and taken care of. It is beyond doubt that what we eat greatly affects our health – While healthy, nutrition-rich food nourishes our body and improves body functions, eating toxic and nutrition-deficient food can be a disaster to the same body functions and the organs.

Among the different factors, there is nothing more influential in determining our health like the food we eat. And the quality of the food depends on two things – the ingredients we choose and how we cook them. We put in a lot of effort in choosing healthy and nutritious ingredients, like unprocessed & organic, but do we pay equal attention to how we cook them?

In order to cook food in the healthiest way possible, we need the right cookware. While the market is flooded with cookware made from metals and ceramics, it becomes difficult to find the right one – a healthy and non-toxic alternative that cooks food while keeping its nutritional value to the maximum.

Pure clay (unglazed, primary clay) is an all-natural material that is a viable alternative to metals. All metals are reactive and form toxic compounds with nutrients which then accumulate in blood, tissues, and organs to form the foundation for a compromised immune system and many health problems.

Pure clay, on the other hand, is non-toxic and inert in its pure and natural form. It doesn’t leach and keeps the nutrients in food intact by cooking with gentle, far-infrared heat. The pots made from pure clay have excellent steam management properties that keep water-soluble nutrients locked inside and doesn’t release them through vents like in conventional cookware. So, the food cooked in pure clay turns out to be completely non-toxic and rich in nutrition.

As an added benefit, the cooking time stays almost the same or even less in case of slow cooking, and food cooks thoroughly with no need for babysitting the pot! This makes cooking more convenient and the food turns out to be delicious and tender, as reported by cooks who have switched to clay pot cooking for good.

These factors and many others have established the clear connection between our health and the cookware. Knowing this, it is important to be an informed cook going forward so your food can be healthy and so can you!

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